Workshop: Getting Started in Python for Humanists

Date 14/02/2023
Expertise Level Beginner
Mode of delivery Online
Competence Area Data Creation and Processing, Data Access, Publishing and Sharing
Centre Digital Skills in Arts and Humanities Source Material

The Hot Source! project, funded by AHRC, is organizing an online workshop on February 14, 2024, as part of its training activities from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  

This one-day Python workshop is designed for researchers who have no prior experience with Python to provide a practical and efficient introduction to Python programming. Participants will focus on the essentials needed to start their Python journey, with hands-on activities and guidance on key concepts and resources available.  

Throughout the session, participants will explore the core elements of the Python environment, syntax and readability, basic operation, variables and data types, functions and file handling. This training is valuable for all researchers who wish to enhance their ability to capture visually appealing and informative images for their research projects.  

Upon completion of this course, participants may find it beneficial to seek additional assistance in implementing the knowledge they have acquired into their research. For this purpose, they can register for the Data Surgery meetings, where they can receive further guidance and support.  

However, if participants are interested in gaining more experience in Text Analysis techniques using Python, they can also apply for Named Entity Recognition (NER), Pandas for Data Pre-processing, Sentiment Analysis (intermediate level), and Topic Modeling. These intermediate-level workshops will provide participants with more advanced techniques and skills in textual analysis using Python. 

In addition to this workshop, participants can register for a 1:1 ‘Practical Surgery’ session on 6th March.

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