CPD Certification

We are pleased to announce we got our CPD membership which will allow us to offer CPD-certified courses. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals and researchers could engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

CPD is a holistic approach towards enhancing digital skills and proficiency throughout a research and professional career. It offers opportunities to learn something new, refresh existing knowledge, improve skills, or simply keep up-to-date with the latest digital and technological developments for working with multidimensional datasets.

By attending CPD activities through attendance in training courses, eLearning and events, it is possible to get CPD points or credits. These are typically a 1:1 ratio with CPD hours. By this, 1 CPD point would be equal to 1 CPD hour. The credits or points

CPD activities

During the project, we will seek to understand how learning activities, and their CPD points, can then be used as a mechanism to promote, record and evidence skillsets in research and professional environments.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at: info@culturedigitalskills.org