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Our aim is to support individuals and organisations, including Higher Education Institutions (HEI), Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) and the creative industries, to improve their current and future digital skills, in particular those needed to support their medium and long term vision.

We will work towards establishing a community of practice to support researchers and practitioners, as well as their organisations, to develop their skills in creating, managing, using and sharing data. We know that communities of practice already play a key role in supporting learning and upskilling.

We will pilot a range of activities that will support the community, in particular, we will pilot:

  • Training activities: including webinars, a summer school and open online learning resources according to an identified curricula.
  • Creative Placements and Residencies: providing experience-based learning opportunities within organisations including galleries, libraries, archives, museums and heritage sites, as well as creative industries to develop skills and jointly explore the value and role of data.
  • Developing a skills gap analysis tool for research groups or institutions to identify requirements for future skills.
  • Promoting open research practices and robust data management practices including enabling access to open data.
  • Identify and signpost infrastructure and equipment which can be useful to develop skills.